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Have you ever thought what would it be to make a business out of your favorite things? Help yourself and others? Live day by day your passion? That is Mekishico for me.
It’s probably everybody’s dream and “the thing to do” on every entrepreneurial blog. Well, it’s possible but it’s not simple.
It’s not like you can just leave everything and only do this one dream project so it can work 100% in a year and be a success!

In my case I’m a mother, leader in a tech community (GeekGirlsMx), blogger at caractercreativo.com.mx, designer for a mexican company and  Mekishico’s creator. I find passion on every project I do but it’s clear to me that each one of them gives me something according to the time I invest. Each one of them has a heart, a meaning of beign otherwise I wouldn’t be involved with them. Today I want to share about Mekishico’s heart.

Mekishico Founder

I love both countries; México & Japan. You can see it on the brand and feel the passion on it’s social networks. But what you may not see is what is happening on production and what is comming.

Mekishico Maneki Neko

This 1st. collection was made by a grandmother that loves being a seamstress working from home. She has great quality and well she needs to be at home to work and take care of her grandchildren. I have seen how many people sometimes go through really bad times, they may not be from a poor place but yet they may be struggling in the city. Not so long ago I saw this proyect in SF that bathed homeless people and a man finished the video saying: “you are only one paycheck not paid away from becoming homeless. You never know.” – Wow!

So my idea is that Mekishico can be this project any woman or man with great skills can make a Mekishico during there bad times or they may like it and just stay. Our price is based on fair price and what I’ve learned with GeekGirlsMx is to think how to add technology to it.

Mekishico Oaxaca
Well I’m thinking on having my group of seamstress working from home and getting a new piece to do with a simple click. No gender or age is a problem as long they can work and enjoy doing it. This is still a long way to go, but I don’t stress out over it since I’m enjoying every step.

So next time you see a Mekishico, you’ll know it’s handmade by a grand mother and that she gets happy when she has to do another one. ( So do I ) Or from the new mother that just joined the project to make this happen faster, not forgetting of course quality. That every texture I suggest has research behind it so you can know what it means, that the fabric is special and had some artists hand in it or that the fabric was brought from Japan. I also get a chance to draw! So there to you’ll see México – Japan and fabrics.


Buying a Mekishico means that the story has something to do with you and you are helping a family directly to feel good about their work and have a good lifestyle. We all diserve that.


Matta ne #JapanLover & #MéxicoLover !