Mekishico is a story to tell that you can wear and share when they ask you about it. Every story has a special message and wants to take you away from your bussy life and take you for a moment to that world that MexicoLovers & JapanLovers share. Wan’t to learn more from our unique mexican-japanese handmade fusion?

It’s easy to travel to that fire’s smell mixed with coffee’s pot essence while hearing a rooster sing, remembering you of a new day with our kids’ Jalapita Jacket. This is totally a great mexican ranch story.

Or maybe a cold walk in the garden but with a warm heart gazing at sakura trees. That sweet smell covering you up while you drink your hot green tea and see that gorgeous daughter of yours wearing our Sakura Jacket. Sounds familiar JapanLover?

These Jackets are Mekishico’s warm hug to all kids in the world with that special mexican – japanese style only Mekishico has.

Handmade by mexican woman who must work from home under different circumstances and has the passion to take care of every detail while sewing our pieces. So each piece is different with mexican and japanese fabric.

We like to take care of the material so we don’t have stock. So once you put in your order and a 50% payment you will start receiving news from us on the status of you special handmade piece. 50% will be charged with shipping fee once the piece is ready. And we like to put a little something  extra in the package. So if you want to do a little unboxing video and share in our social networks, we will be super happy!

Meet all our stories and let your child pick his favorite one here: mekishico.com/jackets

Soon we will have our adult jackets ready, follow us on our social networks.