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The time to enjoy the beach is already here and we made a special pack for you to enjoy it with a great mexican style look. 3 brands teamed up to make this possible: Valetta, Gota de Lluvia & Mekishico®

Mekishico® has on one side Oaxaca design, wich is inspired on mexican handcraft art, and on the other side is the Japanese Style, traditional texture with kanoko dots. It’s made of fine cotton wich makes it fresh and it gives a great look to your bikini while it protects your shoulders and upper back from the sun. It also has a hoodie, so you can use at night if it gets a bit chilly.


Valetta. This bikini has that mexican touch!
Great colors that go perfect with Mekishico’s Oaxaca.
It’s made of 80% Nylon & 20% spandex.
We have it on 2 sizes:
Size S, top  32 -34B, bottom 5 mex. or size M top 34-36 B, bottom 7-9 mex.



And last but not least! Gota de lluvia brings us a special aromatherapy oil; Energy to boost you on party at nights! It has a citric smell, but it keeps you in a good mood, positive and fresh!


So this is a great pack to pamper yourself or look original and give a great gift to that someone special!
Buy it online here.