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I want to tell you more about México through Mekishico. This country has many great things. Life in México is great since you can choose what ever you want to be in life: You wake up, have some fresh delicious fruit any time of the year, work as freelance or in a company, go to coffee shops or the show or bars on weekends. The lifestyle you decide to have depends on how hard you want to work, but it is possible. If you are an entrepreneur, here you can find creative, hard worker & honest people.

Today I want to dedicate this 1st. post to those magical hands who makes rebozos. This has been in México probably since 1572 , at least it was already mentioned on Diego Duran’s stories about indian women. The rebozo has different features depending on wich state of México it was made, and I really need to dedicate a post for each one. It is only fair.


The rebozo is handmade and at first it was made to cover women faces when visiting the temple. Nowadays it has becomed an interesting accesory for your outfit instead of sweaters or great helper with babies, since it keeps them warm and close to your heart.

Our 1st. collection is a tribute to mexican icons & traditional rebozo. There is still a long road ahead of me but I’m enjoying every step, discovering how I can help to rescue tradition and learn more about my country and my beloved Japan. Remember, Mekishico is about México & Japan together, so stay tooned for a next post!

Mattane!/ Hasta pronto!



*Picture from: http://www.conaculta.gob.mx/