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The story

Towns and ranchs are what came to my mind when I saw this lovey fabric. Cute ladies, sexy mexican pinups, but yet you see the hat, flowers, temples,etc. So many stories I heard from my aunts and grandparents came to my mind.

” I listen to the serenade from the corner of my bedroom. – Don’t go outside, ladies make themselves desirables- Somehow I manage to throw you a red smile in between the curtains.”

Behind the symbols



Mexican pinups where born because La Cigarrera La Moderna asked the artist Jesús Helguera to create them for their calendars, very succesful on the 40’s and 50’s. At that time the life in México was complicated, USA was in war and sometimes made fun of mexican clothing. Helguera learned basics features of american pinups, cat eye + red lips + perfect hair and made a recreation of ideal mexican lifestyle showing happy women with beautiful dresses. At that time he also wanted north americans to see that México too had beautiful women. On señoritas design you can see lovely ladies that might take your mind to Helguera’s Flor de Tabaco, Belleza Criolla, El Pescador or La Serenata.


$40 USD


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