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Created on May 15, 2014, by Mexican designer Verónica Madrigal, Mekishico seeks to remind us of the increasingly forgotten art of storytelling and folk tales passed down through the centuries. By joining traditional icons and textures from two of her beloved countries: Mexico and Japan; an elegant union is achieved between cultures and generations.

While the explosion of vibrant colors and textures that Mexico has to offer is the product of a joyfulness inherent in the lifestyle; the respect, kindness, and spiritual connection with nature, still found among the older generation in Japan can also be observed in the values embodied by the older generations in Mexico. Verónica believes that her country has the potential to return to that spiritual way of thinking.

When you wear Mekishico, you wear a story.



This brand is about remembering stories old folks tolds us about time ago. You will find traditional icons or textures from 2 of her beloved countries: Mexico and Japan.


Fabric is brought from Japan and some may not be found anymore on the market, so you’ll be acquiring unique pieces. As for Mexican fabric, illustrations have been made by creative artists that have interpreted mexican icons on a very beautiful & colorful way



Verónica is constantly searching for different textile talents and combines them in to something different, something of her own interpretation. This brand is inclusive and each piece is made by hand very carefullly so details can be admired by women that can only work from home because of their social situation.



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